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Fire Projects

J-102, Vishwas City-, R.C.Technical Road,, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad, Gujatat, 380061 (Gujarat)

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About Fire Projects

We take pleasure in introducing Fire Projects as one of the leading Fire & Safety solutions provider company in Gujarat, providing Total Safety Solutions. We established fully with our all products in Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrant, Water Sprinkler, Rodent Repellent System, Water Leak Detection, VESDA system, CCTV, Access Control System, and Public Addressable (PA) System etc. Fire Projects is located in Ahmedabad which enable us to reach to anywhere in the country.

We offer Turnkey solutions for Fire Detection, VESDA System, Fire Suppression, Fire Extinguishers, CCTV, Access Control and PA Systems for Industrial and Commercial market segments. Fire Projects has designed and successfully commissioned several Analogue Addressable and conventional Fire Alarm Systems, Detection Systems, Gas Suppression Systems and PA Systems etc. We have put our expert knowledge for all type of fire safety solution for different industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Hospitality, Industrial Association, Engineering, offices and etc.

We mainly work with Honeywell, Edward, Kentec, Fike, Hochiki, FireNet, FAAST, Ravel, Agni, Ansul, ADT, FireRay, Esser, Morely-IAS, FireLite, Notifier, Cooper, System Sensors, Apollo, Xtralis, Securiton, Ceasfire, Safex, Kanex, Minimax and etc. brands with different fields.

The fire-fighting industry in India has tremendous potential. As the economy grows, both industry and government are updating fire protection systems for continued operations in industrial plants and offices. The government regulations for fire safety are now mandatory and this has further brightened the market outlook for fire protection systems in India. Documentation Control System is being adopted to ensure effective execution and delivery of end product as per the specification and agreed standards. Our document Control System starts from initial Survey of the site till the end of defects liability period of a particular project to ensure complete satisfaction to the client during execution of project and even during after sales services.

Selecting Fire Projects for new implementation, service and maintenance Contract, which is a cost effective way for any organization. We support our clients from Designing up to Commissioning. We also provide AMC–Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Fire & security Systems.

With mission of “Securing your Infrastructure” and potential of Indian fire protection market, we are expanding ourselves at fast pace to meet demand from the user segment.



Conventional Fire Alarm System - Agni

Fire Projects supply, install, test and commision microprocessor based manual alarm Control and indication panel, which is designed to individual zoning the fire input and evacuated /alert fire in...



Oriel System Sensor Fire Alarm System

Fire Projects suggest and offer the Orieal series of microproecessor based fire alarm panel, which are an upgraded version and provides a reliable and cost effective solutions to fire detection for...


GST Fire Alarm System 102/104

Fire projects has expertise in SITC of GST102/4 conventional fire control panels provide two/four zones of fire detection. All panels have been designed to offer high standards of performance,...


Ravel RE 2554/58 Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Projects relay on Ravel for conventional fire alarm panel. The RE-2554/8 is a 4/8 zone UL Listed Conventional Fire Alarm control Panel. These control panels are designed to be used in small &...


Fire Bus

Fire Projects supply, install, test and commision Firebus, which is a single zone fire alarm panel within built buzzer, one hooter and one MCB. One key is provided for silence, System normal off, LED...


Morley-IAS DXc Range Addressable Fire Alarm System

Fire Projects has expertise in SITC of Morley-IAS DX Connexion panel, which is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium sized buildings. All in all, a compact, high performance,...


GST100-200 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm control Panel

Fire Project does SITC of GST100 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel, which is GST’s new generation mini-panel. Wall-mounted, unique design for modern technology, flexible configuration and easy...


Notifier NFS-320 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System

Fire Projects recommend Notifier NFS-320 intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel by Notifier for those who looking for reliable addressable fire alarm system. NFS-320 is part of the ONYX® Series of...


GST200-2 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm control Panel

Fire Projects has supply, install and test and commission GST 200-2 single loop and two loop addressable fire detection control panel with up to 242 devices per loop, the system is packed with...


Morley IAS Repeater Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Projects always recommand to use repeater fire alarm control panel in security cabin or place where 24x7 human presence is available. The Morley-IAS repeater control panels are compact remote...


Morley-IAS ZXSe Range Addressable Fire Alarm System

Fire Projects insist to use of the ZXSe range of analogue addressable fire alarm control panels have been designed and constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology. This simple...


FireRay Explosion Proof Beam Detector - 2000EExd

Fire Projects Supply, install, test and commission Fireray 2000 EExd - Explosion Proof Optical Beam Smoke Detector is ideally suited to protect large areas with potentially explosive atmospheres,...


FireRay Beam Detector-3000 - Infrared Beam Smoke Detector

Fire Projects has experties of installing FireRay Beam Detector-3000, which is end to end infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating...


Morley IAS MI LPB2 Addressable Optical Smoke Beam Detector

Fire Projects recommend Morley-IAS MI-LPB2by Honeywell is an addressable reflector- type linear optical beam smoke detector, designed to operate as a component of an intelligent fire alarm system. It...


System Sensor BEAM200 Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors

Fire Projects suggest System Sensor BEAM200 and BEAM200S single-ended reflected beam smoke detectors that are uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke...


System Sensor BEAM1224 Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors

Fire Projects suggest System Sensor Model BEAM1224, which is a four-wire conventional reflected beam smoke detector, which is uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings, where other...


System Sensor 2351E Conventional Smoke Detector

Fire Projects recommend conventional System sensor 2351E photoelectric smoke detector for all kind of conventional fire alarm panel. This range of detectors has been produced using the latest in...


GST C-9102 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Fire Projects has installed C-9102 Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector various sites which is non-addressable. Used together with end of line unit, it can connect with compatible control panels...


GST C-9104 Conventional UV Flame Detector

Fire Projects has done successful installation of GST C-9104 Conventional Ultraviolet Flame Detector, which is non-addressable fire detection device. Together with an active end of line unit (AEOL),...


GST I-9104 Intelligent UV Flame Detector

In case of Addressable Flame detector, Fire Projects suggest to utilise GST I-9104 Intelligent Ultraviolet Flame Detector, which detects fire by analyzing ultraviolet radiation of flame. It's...


GST Stand Alone Smoke Detector-S9102R-N

Fire Projects supply Battery powered stand alone smoke detector, adapting optical chamber, to detect smoke produced by fire, gives high volume sound notification in case of alarm of GST with model...


Morley IAS Addressable Smoke Detector

The Morley-IAS is first choice of Fire Projects for smoke detection. MI-PSE (optical) and MI-ISE (ionisation) are analogue, addressable, low-profile smoke detectors designed for the ZX series...


Morley IAS Addressable Detector Range

Fire Projects supply and install S200A Morley-IAS detector range, which delivering a totally new detector platform and incorporating an advance digital protocol. S200A incorporates major hardware and...


Morley IAS Addressable MCP-Manual Call Point

The MI-MCP Series Manual Call Points provided by Fire Projects are designed to provide a manual alarm interface to Morley IAS’s fire alarm control panel. Fire Projects supply, install, test and...


Morley IAS Addressable Isolator Module

Fire Projects supply, install, test and commission Morley-IAS loop isolator module is used on the Morley-IAS intelligent fire alarm control panels to protect the system against wire-to-wire short...


Morley IAS Addressable Sounder Strobe

Morley-IAS’s new modular range of Intelligent Audio-Visual warning devices provided by Fire Projects offers easier system configuration and flexibility. A common base across AV and detectors is...


Morley-IAS Addressable Output Module

Fire Projects use and recommend Morley-IAS MI-D240CMO and MI-D240CMO-DIN control output modules, which are used with the Morley-IAS intelligent fire alarm control panels to provide management of...


Morley-IAS Intelligent Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector - DNRE

Fire Projects recommend the InnovairFlex™ Series are the only duct smoke detectors flexible enough to fit configurations from square to rectangular and everything in between. The InnovairFlex DNRE...


FM200 Fire Suppression System

Fire Project has expertise in SITC of FM200-Fire Suppression System along with its component. Fire suppression here it called as FM200 gas suppression systems are commonly used in: • DATA...


NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression System

Fire Projects has expertise in SITC of NOVEC 1230-Fire Suppression System with its component. Fire suppression here it called as NOVEC gas suppression systems are commonly used in: • DATA...


Inert Fire Suppression System

With the big push toward "Green", Fire Projects recommend inert gasses which have become a good choice as they are the most green of all of the Clean Agents. Inert gasses are defined as using one or...


Xtralis VLF-500 VESDA System

Fire Projects has successfully installed various VESDA VLF-500 system, which is a very early warning smoke detector designed to protect small, business-critical environments of less than 500 m2 (5000...


Securiton ASD 535 Aspirating Smoke Detection VESDA System

Fire Project has make several installation of SecuriRAS ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector, which is the new generation of highly sensitive, active smoke detection systems. It offers...


Xtralis-VLP VESDA LaserPlus System

Fire Projects has installed saveral VESDA VLP (LaserPlus) by Xtralis, which is the flagship product of the VESDA aspirating smoke detector product line. Using unique detection principles, the VESDA...


System Sensor Intelligent FAAST 8251F VESDA System

Fire Projects recommend Intelligent FAAST 8251F aspirating smoke detector that combines dual source (blue LED and infrared laser) optical smoke detection with fire alarm control panel connectivity...


System Sensor Conventional FAAST 7100X VESDA System

The FAAST XS aspirating smoke detector installed by Fire Projects combine advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology to provide highly sensitive Very...


System Sensor Conventional FAAST 8100 VESDA System

The FAAST XM aspirating smoke detector combines dual source (blue LED and infra-red laser) optical smoke detection with advanced algorithms to detect a wide range of fires while maintaining enhanced...


System Sensor Conventional FAAST 9400X VESDA System

Fire Projects recommend FAAST XT aspirating smoke detector combines advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology to provide highly sensitive Very Early...


V2 Mini Series-Rodent Repellent System

Rodent repellent system installed by Fire Projects generate high frequency sound (well above the 20 KHz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of the human ear).They emit intensive...


VHFO LP 20 Rodent Repellent System

Maser Ultrasonic pest repeller - VHFO model is ultimate solution for down time problem by Fire Projects. Rodent repeller by Maser is advance pest control management, which power to flush out and...


ABC Powder Based Fire Extinguishers

Fire Project supply ABC Dry Powder based Fire Extinguishers of various brand like Kanex, Safex, Minimax. ABC powder based fire extinguishers are effective against all classes of fires i.e Class A,...


CO2 type Fire Extinguishers

Fire Project supply CO2 Fire Extinguishers of various brand like Kanex, Safex, Minimax. CO2 fire extinguishers are effective against Class B fire and electrically started fires. CO2 being a clean...


Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

Fire Projects supply and install Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers range, which is perfect for areas where there is an abundance of ultra-sensitive electronic equipments. These extinguishers reduce...


Bosch- Pleana 2 Zone Mixter 180W Amplifier

The PLENA all-in-one mixer amplifier is a versatile solution for public address, emergency announcements and back-ground-music (BGM) requirements. This high-performance device is easy to install and...


Bosch-Pleana 2 Zone Call Station

Fire Projects has installed sevaral installation of the Plena two-zone call station is a modern, high-quality call station with a stable metal base design, a flexible microphone stem and a...