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Article | Friendmile Software (April 20, 2017 5:22 am)

Java is a General Purpose, class based, object oriented, Platform independent, portable, Architecturally neutral, multithreaded, dynamic, distributed, and robust interpreted Programming Language.

Java is most famous and relaxed language in this contemporary age. Java is one of the leading programming languages for the programmers. All the java primarily based software is just too fast, secure and hundreds of thousands of human beings rely upon it for several factors.

javais everywhere, starting from our handhold tool, laptop, mobile cellphone, computer, gaming units and net almost everywhere in this contemporary generation. However, it's free software program to be downloaded, but you could use it to maximize the remarkable outcomes, stability and publicity it offers, most effective when you realize how to use this dynamic tool.

Why Java is called?
General Purpose:
Java capabilities are not limited to any specific application domain rather it can be used in various application domain and hence it is called General Purpose Programming Language.

Class based :

Java is called class based because it support inheritance feature.

Object Oriented:

Java is object-oriented means software developed in Java are combination of different types of object. The Java programming language is designed especially for use in distributed applications on corporate networks and the Internet.

Platform independent:

java is called platform independent language which means java code will run on any JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Literally you can run same Java code on Windows JVM, Linux JVM, Mac JVM or any other JVM practically and get same result every time.

A Java program when compiled produce bytecodes. Bytecodes are magic. These bytecodes can be transferred via network and can be executed by any JVM, hence came the concept of ‘Write once, Run Anywhere(WORA)’.

Architecturally neutral:

A Java code is not dependent upon Processor Architecture. A Java Application compiled on 64 bit architecture of any platform will run on 32 bit (or any other architecture) system without any issue.

Multithreading :

In java multithreading means indendent program. In java we can run multiple program at the same time. They also share memory.


Java is a Dynamic programming language which means it executes many programming behavior at Runtime and don’t need to be passed at compile time as in the case of static programming.

Java is a robust programming Language which means it can cope with error while the program is executing as well as keep operating with abnormalities to certain extent. Automatic Garbage collection, strong memory management, exception handling and type checking further adds to the list.
Java is a compiled programming Language which compiles the Java program into Java byte codes. This JVM is then interpreted to run the program.
Other than the above discussed feature, there are a few other remarkable features, like:
Unlike other programming Language where Program interacts with OS using User runtime environment of OS, Java provides an extra layer of security by putting JVM between Program and OS.