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Get The Best Tiles for Your Place- Why Vitrified Tiles are Standout Amongst Others?

Article | Sentosa Granito (May 13, 2018 2:23 pm)

Tiles have developed extraordinarily and have begun assuming an inexorably huge part in characterizing both the insides and outsides of the homes, not simply on the floors and walls of kitchen and washroom, but additionally on the walls and floors of the other rooms like the bedroom, drawing room, etc. Furthermore, the selection of right floor tiles for your place has become more complex as the variety is never-ending. Well, to help you in this situation, we have brought you a special category of tiles which fits both the commercial as well as residential places. These are called as vitrified tiles.

What are Vitrified Tiles?

Vitrified tiles are a kind of ceramic tile with low porosity. It is a contrasting option to granite and marble flooring. It is produced using clay. However, they have extra fixings, for example, silica, quartz, and feldspar. At the point when these fixings cook inside a furnace, they soften and shape a glass substrate all through the tile. This glass expansion makes vitrified tiles exceptionally solid and smooth, with fewer pores in their surfaces than regular ceramic tiles. These are made by preparing the silica together with some fine quality clay at an outrageous temperature at which the individual particles or grains of the tiles wire and dissolve to make a vitreous surface. Vitrified tiles are regularly utilized outside because of their water and ice protection.

Places Where These Tiles can Be Utilized

These tiles are water and stain resistant. Thus, it is a typical decision among numerous manufacturers, consumers, and architects. The strength of these tiles is more than stone or marble. These tiles additionally oppose scratches and staining. One can buy these tiles for different purposes, flooring (bedroom, front room, kitchen, etc), wall covers, etc. Apart from residential purposes, these tiles are readily utilized in commercial buildings, apartments, and other official places. The following advantages of vitrified tiles make them appealing.

  • Vitrified tiles are a standout among the most astonishing looking tiles which are perfect for producing visual impacts in various parts of your home, both on walls and floors.

  • They are readily available in a wide range of color, patterns, and sizes.

  • With a wide range of designs, high-quality printing, and excellent finishing, vitrified tiles in different styles have now become the first choice of many builders.

  • These tiles have minimal porosity and are amazingly hard, and therefore exhibits comparatively less wear and tear, low moisture absorption and are anti-bacterial.

  • Vitrified tiles have another favorable position – they are pre-polished which implies that you don’t have to worry about their polishing after installing them.

  • A lustrous and shimmering flooring surface of vitrified tiles would reflect considerably more light. Also, Matt completed or light absorbing tiles could be utilized to underplay excess light.

Furthermore, these tiles are classified into two categories. The first one is glazed vitrified tiles and the other is polished vitrified tiles. As the name suggests, glazed vitrified tiles are quite shiny and can be printed with pictures and patterns. These are generally scratch resistant. And hence they do not lose their shine over a certain period of time. On the other hand, polished vitrified tiles are smooth and are utilized where extra smooth surfaces are required like in hotels, restaurants, etc. However, only random patterns can be created on these on these tiles. Also, these are not scratch resistant and therefore fade away with time. Based on your requirements, you can choose from wide range of colors, designs, and patterns.